Adrian P

Academic Area:
Cognitive Neuroscience, College of Arts and Sciences

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Undergraduate Institution:
University of Florida

Research Interests:
Problem-Solving and Cannabis Use

The Best Thing About Being a Graduate Student at IUB:
The Hoosier Pride that comes along with being part of a research-driven institution at the forefront of science that is seeking to invite and push boundaries. Additionally, the support both financial and academic that exists for students to excel in their particular area.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
: Go Hiking! Bloomington is surrounded by beautiful state parks that are a joy to visit throughout the year. Particularly, it is interesting to see the seasonal changes in each state park so go out and explore.

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Being Married in Grad School

Copyright (Jorge Cham, 2015)

It is often said that Graduate school and Marriage are similar in many ways.

  1. Time Commitment – Typically grad school commitments are between 5-7 years (Ph.D.) which is a substantial amount of time given the usual 3-4 years of high school and college. However, for marriage you make a life-long commitment, but during that time is included the years that you do research, take courses, and work with your advisor. So you have an overlap of graduate school and personal time, but this can be of benefit as being married to someone who is supportive can be the best catalyst to finishing the Ph.D. in a timely manner and avoiding the dreaded perpetual ABD status.
  2. Partnership – When you decide to attend grad school you are paired with an advisor/mentor so that during your time in the program you have someone to guide you. This emulates being married in the pairwise relation between two individuals with a common goal: earning a Ph.D., publishing research, and being ultimately being happy. It takes “two to tango” is true for both your Ph.D. journey and life as a spouse. There is no “I” in Team so you both have to work together to achieve your team and individual goals. If this partnership does not work, then nothing will get done.
  3. Productivity – I find that as a newly married doctoral graduate student, being married and committing to spending the rest of your life with another person can often be the greatest support for your dream of a  rewarding career in academia. Most often having another person(i.e. spouse or advisor) encouraging you in times where you need to be productive can make the difference between submitting a mediocre or excellent paper.

Final Thoughts: Given the benefits of being married while in grad school, do not be dissuaded of making a commitment to the one you love when you are faced between the rigor of grad school. The benefits typically outweigh any potential limitation.



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