Dustin R

Academic Area:
Production and Design – Telecommunications,  College of Arts and Sciences

Chesterton, IN

Undergraduate Institution:
Augsburg College. Minneapolis, MN [Theater Arts Major (Performance, Directing/Dramaturgy/Playwriting, and Technical) and English (Creative Writing) with minors in Religion and Media Writing]

Research Interests:
Transmedia Storytelling, Narratology, Theater Arts, Musical Theater, Producing, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Screenwriting, Visual Storytelling.

The Best Thing About Being a Graduate Student at IUB:
My Favorite thing about being a graduate student at IUB is that the faculty truly care about what you believe in. At this point in your career you are no longer a peon, but you are either already considered a professional or an aspiring one. Faculty treat you like a peer or colleague rather than a student. I have had close personal relationships with my advisers, and I have been inspired by them rather than told what I was doing was wrong. IUB has a wonderful community on a beautiful campus, and I am happy with the relationships I am forging on this campus.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
Get a BIKE! The campus can be walked, but it is big. Parking is not very good on campus so, again, get a bike. Also, shop at ALDIS grocery store. You can get $200 worth of groceries for $100. I love food so I recommend the Crazy Horse Salad at Crazy Horse, El Rancheros for Mexican food, and Mother Bear’s Pizza. Come check out the campus before you decide to attend the school, and start looking for apartments early. Advice for surviving grad school comes in the form of double dipping. You can’t do one assignment for two classes, but you can make every class work toward your thesis/dissertation and/or master’s project. Tailor every project to a final goal and they will accumulate into a larger piece of work. In terms of surviving the social scene, remember to meet lots of new people. Everyone is alone and scared when they first get here. Reach out to others. There will be many hours of alone time and loneliness is a real problem, but you are never truly alone—call your parents or long distance friends if you need to, but look for fellowship, outreach programs, and other avenues of friendship. Don’t simply rely on the party scene. You have two free counseling sessions—use them! With all of that, always remember to have fun. Grad school is not as scary as it sounds. In fact, it’s an amazing time.

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Attend Events!

This post goes out to every undergraduate who has walked by a sign that says “interested in graduate school, stop in” and passed right by.Networking is everything. Well, not everything, but it will definitely give you a definitive edge.


Meet people, talk to students, and ask professors for help. Never shy away from an open door.

This is a simple concept to hear but a hard one to follow. The concept also gets a bit metaphorical. Just remember to always talk to new people. You are never sure who you are going to meet or how they are going to affect your life.

One of my favorite professors once said, “you should learn something new everyday, but you don’t know who or what it will come from.” Just being present is half the battle.

I am terrible at reaching out to professors, meeting new people, and getting outside of my comfort zone. I am not a huge advocate of pestering new faculty members, but I do know how important it is to be open to new experiences. If you don’t go outside you will escape the rain, but you will never see the sunshine.

So, the next time a student is coming to your campus to talk about their experience of getting into graduate school, the next time a professor is willing to stay after class to hear about your hopes and dreams, the next time you could go to a conference to hear professionals speak about their work, the next time there is a professional panel, or the next time you have the opportunity to learn something new, take it! Take it, take it, take it!

Grow, learn, and develop into a better person. Life is a journey. It’s not about the destination, it’s about how you got there. Take the road less traveled and be better for it.

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