The University Graduate School, in partnership with the Graduate and Professional Student Organization, established the Emissary for Graduate Student Diversity program in 2007-08. The goal of the Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity program is to connect trained IUB graduate students with prospective students and share their experiences about life at Indiana University.  Emissaries blog about life in Bloomington and are available to answer prospective students’ questions personally via e-mail. Each cohort of emissaries provide information and referrals on campus resources; in addition to building community and networking with prospective graduate students.

Watch this short video made by our Emissaries!

 Emissary Cohorts:

2014 Emissary Cohort with date

2014-15 Cohort Rachel B., SOE- Elementary Education; Jasmine B., Public Affairs; Julian C., Anthropology; Karna D.i, Astronomy; Gabrielle D., Counseling and Educational Psychology; Brandon F., Sociology; Autumn H., Education Leadership and Policy Studies; Gloria H.l, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Stephanie H., History; Latisha J., Chemistry; Brett J., Psychological and Brain Sciences (Mathematical Psychology); Martin L., Communication and Culture; Calvin L., Kelley School of Business; Jordan L., Anthropology; Rondy M., Biology; Adam N., Sociology; Dustin R., Telecommunications; Ciemone R., Counseling and Educational Psychology; Ren-Jay S., Department of Kinesiology/School of Public Health; Diana V., Latin American Studies.


2013-14 Cohort
Ronald James Arruejo, School of Public and Environmental Affairs; April Bell, SPH-Epidemiology; Evelyn R. Carter, Social Psychology/Dept. of Psychological & Brain Sciences; Tiphani Dixon, East Asian Languages; LaNita Gregory Campbell, Gender Studies; Landon Jones, African Studies; Seth Martinez, Instructional Systems Technology (IST); David Nguyen,Education policy studies; Stephanie Nguyen, Higher Education and Student Affairs; Katrina Overby, School of Journalism; Ren-Jay Shei, Human Performance/Department of Kinesiology

2012-13 Cohort
Carl Darnell, Education Leadership and Policy Studies; Tomika Ferguson, School of Education; Ngot Hoang, SPEA; Zelideh Martinez Hoy, Applied Health; Robert Morton, Biology; David Nguyen, Education, Leadership and Policy  Studies; Alfonse Pham, Physics; Sydney Rucker, Higher Education and Students Affairs; J.T. Snipes, Higher Education and Student Affairs

2011-12 Cohort
Viridiana Benitez ,Psychological & Brain Sciences; Antonio Estudillo, Learning Sciences; Kuang He , Biochemistry; Ahmed Khanani , Political Science; Jose Lugo Martinez , Informatics; Claire Quimby, Anthropology; J.T. Snipes, Higher Education and Student Affairs; Adrienne Thompson, Higher Education and Student Affairs; Jessica Tooker, English; Amy Trauth-Nare, Curriculum and Instruction; Jennifer Turrentine, Criminal Justice

2010-11 Cohort
Ishani Banerji, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Tomika Ferguson, Higher Education and Student Affairs; Lewis Jones, Anthropology; Sekou Kante, SPEA;  Adrian Land, Microbiology; Dani Marinova, Political Science; Omar Martinez, Law and HPER; Jose Lugo Martinez, Informatics; Brian L. McGowan, Higher Education and Student Affairs; Michael T. Ndemanu, Curriculum and Instruction; Gillian Richards-Greaves, Ethnomusicology and Anthropology;  Heather Roberts, History and Classical Studies.

2009-10 Cohort
Carlos Gonzalez, SPEA; Lewis Jones, Anthropology; Adrian Land, Microbiology; Dani Marinova, Political Science; Micheal Ndemanu, Curriculum and Instruction; Fileve Palmer, Anthropology; Carlos Zednik, Cognitive Science; Desiree Zerquera, Higher Education and Student Affairs.

2008-09 Cohort
Valery Benton, Biochemistry; Nikole Miller, Linguistics; Cassie Quigley, Science Education; Karen Ross, Education Leadership and Policy Studies; Mahauganee D. Shaw, Education Leadership and Policy Studies; Carlos Zednik,Cognitive Science Program;

2007-08 Cohort
Valery Benton, Biochemistry; Lanaya Lynn Ethington, Counseling Psychology; Ebelia Hernandez, Ed Policy/Leadership (HESA); Nikole Miller, Linguistics; Myles Polsgrove, Learning Sciences; Gillian Richards-Greaves, Anthropology and Ethnomusicology; CarlosZednick, Cognitive Science Program; Rose Wilkerson, Linguistics