Jordan L

Academic Area:
Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences


Undergraduate Institution:
University of Central Florida

Research Interests:
I am interested in migration, immigrant networks, citizenship, and hyphenated communities. Specifically, I focus on how identity is negotiated within Chinese Jamaican communities

The Best Thing About Being a Graduate Student at IUB:
The best thing about being a graduate student at IUB is the many opportunities for academic and professional growth. Lectures allow students to listen to brilliant minds from IUB and around the country, as well as key into some of the developing trends in their fields. They also provide amazing opportunities for professional development and networking. Make sure to join emailing listserves in and outside of your department so that you can keep an eye out for talks and conferences happening around campus. The Preparing Future Faculty Members Conference is a must-go for students of all disciplines.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
Bloomington is a great town for music and theater lovers. As an IU student you can enjoy music from the Jacobs school and world-renowned artists like the Alvin Ailey Dance Company for a discounted price (or sometimes even for free!). Local bars like the Bishop also bring in popular bands from across the country. Additionally, every year Bloomington hosts the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival, where amazing bands come all over the world to perform. Volunteer and get in for free!

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