Ren-Jay S

Academic Area:
Human Performance – Exercise Physiology, School of Public Health

Bloomington, IN

Undergraduate Institution:
Indiana University-Bloomington

Research Interests:
My research interests include mechanisms of fatigue development, central integrative control during exercise, and pulmonary function in athletes, healthy inactive individuals, and those with obstructive pulmonary disease (such as asthma or COPD).

The Best Thing About Being a Graduate Student at IUB:
Being able to live in Bloomington and be a part of such a wonderful community. A close second that goes along with that are the opportunities that are available to students at Indiana University and members of the Bloomington community. Obviously the professional resources (lab facilities, faculty, etc.) are world-class, but so are many other things – great food (and diverse too!), wonderful arts, music and other entertainment, amazing outdoor recreation, and incredible cultural diversity.

Insider tip about living in Bloomington:
I’m not sure I can just pick one, so I’ll pick a few: 1) Try the food and drink – everywhere. There is food for everyone in Bloomington, whether it’s pub grub from a place like Upland Brewing Company, ethnic food from any of the Fourth Street restaurants (or really any ethnic restaurant downtown), or a steak dinner from Janko’s Little Zagreb, and it’s all amazing. 2) There is a niche for everyone, you just need to look for it – no matter where your interests lie, in music, sports, co-op gardens, martial arts, whatever it is – between IU and the Bloomington Community, chances are, there’s a group of people out there with similar interests, and it’s great to develop your own little community here. Finally, 3) Explore Bloomington and the surrounding area – there is so much here to see. Go for a hike in Brown County State Park, take a trip to Oliver and/or Butler Winery, or just watch the sunset over Lake Monroe from Scenic View Restaurant on South SR 446, there are hidden gems all around that all too often are missed by the student population.

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When it comes to graduate school, most people’s first thoughts jump to experts in training in a narrow field of study, but further consideration might reveal the truth – graduate school, in fact research and teaching in general, is very reliant on collaboration.  It is a key component that differentiates the good scholars from the best, and is a skill that is carefully acquired and refined throughout a career.  If you need further evidence of this, just take a stroll around the IUB campus – you will see a building constructed especially for collaborative work, which is even named the Multidisciplinary Science Building II (or MSB II for short).


The recently constructed Multidisciplinary Science Building II (MSBII) on the IUB campus. Photo by Ren-Jay S.

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