Living within the means of your new life as a grad

Yikes!! Reality can be painful but completely doable.  If you’ve been out in the workforce this return to school will require adjustment to your usual spending habits.

Here are some ideas on reducing costs:

-Housing: Do share the cost and get some roommates.  The Indiana Daily Student (IDS) has its very own housing guide to get you started.  To furnish your place check out Freecycle Network, a website dedicated to saving good furniture and household items from being thrown away and keeping you furnished for free.

-Food: Do cook; and if you don’t know how check out these blogs

Clearly Delicious        The Graduate Student Food Blog            Frugal Cooking

-Entertaining: Do get creative and check out all the free events on campus, there is always something going on.

Happenings Calendar                    Bloomington: Things to Do

-Car: On a campus like IU, you don’t need a car.  You have the campus bus which takes you to major shopping areas, the city bus which  has various campus routes and connects you to the rest of Bloomington. If you need a car you can always rent one from zip car, or get on one of the various shuttles to get to the Indianapolis airport.

Depending on what your income looks like now, the sacrifices may seem many but remember this is temporary and from my perspective well worth it!