#hollaatascholar: Building Your Support Network on the Road to Getting PhinisheD

Monday morning around 8am, I get a text message from one of my sista-friends asking me along with four or five other female doctoral students, “Where and what time are we working today?” Tuesday morning, same question…maybe a different person. Wednesday, Thursday, and even Friday or Saturday morning, same question. It’s like clockwork.

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Adventures in procrastinating

The bag of flour blew up on my face…don’t ask.

October!  Yikes, how did mid semester get here so quick?! Amidst all the anxiety to get more dissertation writing done, I let me mind wander to good old Pinterest  and landed in some recipes.    In my defense, I will say that the intention was productive… I mean, I have to eat and feed my family, right? Right!  So I made some focaccia bread! Aside from being able to share the carb wealth with friends, the process was rather therapeutic.  My mind wandered and I event thought about quitting the whole dissertation torture and move on to a Baking and Pastry School.….now on to reality and Chapter 2 of the dissertation.


For the recipe see:  Easy Focaccia Bread Recipe via Living Thrifty http://www.livingthrifty.com/article/Easy-Focaccia-Bread-Recipe










End of the semester blues

Grad student motivationFinals week is definitely when students are particularly stressed out. As a grad student, we often have final papers or projects to complete for our courses — and I don’t mean the short little “research papers” we had to write in undergrad, either. I mean papers that often take weeks, not hours, to compose and require comprehensive synthesis of major ideas within our field of study.  In addition to completing our own coursework, we often have finals to proctor, and then grade, for the courses we teach. This adds up to a really hectic and often very overwhelming week.

Luckily, once it’s all said and done, we have a few weeks to rest, relax, and spend time with family over the holidays. This doesn’t mean there is no work, just less of it. Many of us will be studying for comprehensive exams, writing dissertation proposals, preparing for dissertation defense, etc.

In the last few years, winter break has been a time of rest and relaxation with my family. But this time I will continue to write my dissertation and prepare for job interviews in January. No rest for the weary.

On the bright side, I hope to complete my dissertation this spring and defend in May. I can see the light, but to reach it I have to keep working.