Resources to Take Advantage Of

Sometime school can be stressful…okay, school is usually stressful, especially during the week preceding an examination, presentation, or really just any deadline.  There are many people to help you de-stress: friends and family foremost.  But IU also has several people/places to help too.

One building for sure that has helped me, both body and soul, has been at the IU Health Center.

IU Bloomington Health Center

IU Bloomington Health Center

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Getting sick

….is not a good time, especially when you’re trying to complete all of the tasks you’ve assigned yourself.  Just to get this out on the table: I tend not to slow down when ill, even when it’s serious.  Many years ago, while studying in a foreign country, I refused to see a doctor for what I felt sure was a bad cold.  It turned out–when I finally agreed to see one–that I had bronchitis and walking pneumonia, and was about a week away from a collapsed lung.  Since then, when I feel illness coming on, I take a break.  Actually, no, I don’t.  But–the moral of this story is–I should!  And so should you.  If there’s an upside to being sick, it’s that we’re forced to move at a slower pace, to take more time doing things–and maybe even to find balance (see my last post) in our hectic lives.