Chicago … a metropolis only a short drive away!

For those who enjoy large, bustling cities, Chicago is only a short drive away.  On a recent trip to the windy city, only over three hours drive from Bloomington, I enjoyed a dinner, theatre, shopping, and cultural! Firstly, I enjoyed dinner at Russian Tea Time before laughing out of my seat watching The Book of Morman at the Bank of America Theatre around the corner.  After a wonderful night of music and food, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile has all the shopping to offer plus the Christmas spirit at the ice-skating rink in Millennium Park.  Thank goodness the weather wasn’t too cold, windy, or snowy … Chicago can be brutal with all three.  My day was also accompanied with culture with a dim sum lunch in Chinatown and tacos in La Villita.  With only a short drive from Bloomington, Chicago offers a change of pace to students who are looking for a weekend away.  Don’t forget to stop by near by Indianapolis along the way!

Career path change

The combination of mentoring and the lack of classes has made me look into being a PI (primary investigator AKA a professor at a university) with a different light. I have made the switch in my career interests and I’m very happy about it. It means a few different things as far as what I have to do in the future but its OK because I love what I do and I’m sure I’ll love that too. It is never too late to change your mind on what you will be doing for the rest of your life. Do what you would do for free, but get paid for it. Happy holidays


Color Run! And jogging around Bloomington…

Starting line at the Jill Behrman 5k – photo from IU Rec Sports

Last weekend I participated in my first ever organized run – the Jill Behrman 5k. It’s an annual race in honor of an IU student who was killed in 2000, and it is part of a variety of activities that raise awareness about assault, teach self-defense, and raise money for a scholarship fund. This year the event was a color run – meaning at every mile mark you were showered in powdery dye, with a sort of color free-for-all at the very end.

An explosion of yellow as runners unleash extra dye packets at the end.

I had an amazing time! The 5k was a great motivator to get me jogging regularly, and everyone’s positive energy on race day made for a wonderful experience. The race wasn’t timed, and it really seemed to be more about community, health, and fun than competition.

Roommate, husband, and me. If only we could always get our exercise this way!

Now that I’ve experienced one, I’m eager to participate in other races around Bloomington – and there are a lot! Almost every weekend you can find a way to get active. Here’s a sample:

In the spring (date to be determined) you can run a 5k at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana. Run alongside the tigers? Count me in for that. And if you’re a serious runner who wants to know more about what Bloomington has to offer, check out this article from Runner’s World Magazine.


Me performing my civic duty
*Photo taken by random lady at the polling precinct

Hey friends election time is right around the corner, and today I performed my civic duty. I voted for the next president of the United States. This is the first time I have not voted in Texas. It was a different experience. In Texas I always voted on a machine. Apparently in Indiana early voting (which I did) is the equivalent of absentee voting. You fill out a paper ballot, and they send it to your polling precinct. Pretty cool. For me it was the first time I filled out a paper ballot. Check me out!

PS – My FOTD is VOTE OR DIE [Thanks Diddy].

PSA: Study Hard

Welcome back friends! It is a new year and I’m back blogging as an emissary again. To my returning subscribers you know the rules to the game, but just in case you are new to my blog let me give you all a quick rundown:

The first rule of my emissary blog post: Do not talk about Emissary Fight Club. The second rule of Emissary blog. Do not talk about Emissary Fight Club. The first (and only) rule of my emissary blog come by and see me twice a month for fun and educational insights on life as a graduate student at IU. As a bonus each post I provide sage wisdom in the form of my FREE TIP OF THE DAY. 

So to get the school year started off right here is your FREE TIP OF THE DAY in video form. And remember to study hard… cause closed books don’t get read on the boulevard [not funny? watch the video and you’ll get it].

Big ups to Workshop Houston* for empowering local youth to make positive music.

*Both the song and video were both produced and recorded by students enrolled in Workshop Houston.


Hey friends… I’m back on the scene like Mean Joe Green. Trying to make the green with flows unseen… I hope you enjoyed my rhymes. When I get excited my friends and I like to do spontaneous cyphers (think Eminem in 8 Mile, but far less talented). I know you’re all thinking thinking “don’t give up the day job,” and you are probably right so I won’t.  But I wanted to have a little fun during this last week of classes. I’m very excited because summer is approaching and that means in a few months I will see some of your faces on campus and I cannot wait. The end of the semester can be a stressful time, but this year I hasn’t been too stressful. I think I may have hit my stride as a grad student. So in this short post I just wanted to hit you with my wonderful FREE TIP OF THE DAY. Today’s tip is simply don’t forget to have fun. This week will be full of opportunities to kick back and relax. Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO) is having some great events this week like karaoke at the Bluebird and an all out bash at The Farm. I will update this post later on this week with pictures from the event. Until then friends be good to yourselves and each other. PEACE!

UPDATE 4/29/12

I didn’t take pictures at the Grad Bash or Karaoke, but I did record my friend Seth playing the Saxophone at the 40th Annual Soul Revue Concert. The footage isn’t the best but the solo rocks. He’s playing This is a man’s world by James Brown