Indiana University (IU) has been around for a while, 200 years to be exact. Nestled in southern Indiana, IU has the honor of celebrating this considerable accomplishment.

But what exactly does that mean to you as a student? Besides the satisfaction of a bouncy castle and some fun events all year long, it speaks to the institution as a whole. A long-lived, growing and ever-changing organism. The bicentennial celebration helps to look across all the disciplines and see the history of the university unfold. It describes many of the schools ‘firsts’ that were accomplished and promotes its strong tradition of academics (as well as sports). It’s also a time to recognize the rich areas of arts and humanities to the social sciences and the STEM fields that are available. Although it’s not perfect, nor is any school, it helps to reflect upon what alum have done with their careers and what sorts of networks you could also be involved. But also how you can help form the university, how you want it to move towards the future. Large universities, like IU, really help to set the tone for higher education in the US. Participating in organizations and campus-life help to create a culture you want to see develop for your future and the future of the university. I’m happy to be a Hoosier and to play a small role in seeing the change I want to see in education across the US.

To the continuation of diversifying the current IU and the future IU student population.

‘Hail to Old IU’

Preparing Future Faculty Conference – 2016

When: February 12th, 8:30am – 5:00pm
Registration: FREE! “Open to all IU graduate students. But to participate in the complimentary lunch, you must register by Monday, February 8th, 2016.”

PFFC is an amazing opportunity for networking, learning about job market, interacting with faculty, and last but not least for great food.

This is one of the professional development opportunities, about which you can put a one-liner on your CV. But it’s also a nice opportunity to set new goals for yourself for the 2016 year, things you learn from this one day conference will help you navigate your grad school with little more ease. Last year I wrote at some length about why this particular conference is important.

Take this opportunity, and see you on 12th!

Preparing Future Faculty Conference

Graduate studies at IU bring opportunities not only for academic training, but also for professional development and developing leadership skills. Obtaining good grades and doing great research indeed are cornerstones for one’s successful career. But adding leadership qualities to one’s toolkit would even exceed the success attained by grades and research. Why? Because leadership qualities let you make a difference in lives of many, not just yours. Continue reading

Learning from a Leader

Over the past couple of months, I have spent some time learning about former Indiana University President and Chancellor Dr. Herman B Wells.  Despite having a hectic schedule, I have found it relaxing to take a little time to learn about things outside of the rigors of my studies.  Chancellor Wells was a visionary leader who guided Indiana University through a period of tremendous growth, with the student body expanding from roughly 3,000 students to almost 30,000 students by the time he left the presidency.  While I won’t attempt to recount everything he achieved (that is done much more eloquently in his autobiography, Being Lucky as well as his biography by James Capshew), I would like to point out some things that resonated with me.

Courtesy PhotoWells 1950

Former IU President and Chancellor Dr. Herman B Wells (photo courtesy of

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