Escape from a Windowless Office

So if you’re like me, you spend most of your research time in a windowless office with little interaction with the outside world.  Also, if you’re like me, you want a chance to escape said windowless office after so many hours of not seeing the sun.  But how to do that?  Grad school has seasons of intense work that needs to be done right now and then a relief.  What can one do that doesn’t require a lot of commitment or is at least understanding about the grad school position?

A glimpse at my corner of the windowless office. When it becomes a blur, it’s time for a break.
Photo taken by Lori

Thankfully, IU has some options: The GPSO here at IU hosts monthly social hours that take place Friday night at a restaurant or bar.  The social hours include no cover charge and free food!  Beer’s on the student though.  Groups such as churches often host events such as social hours for grad students and recent grads.  Departments hold a yearly picnics.  At IU, clubs often have a large number of grad students.  Such as salsa.  So if you disappear for half a semester and then come back, you still have someone to relate to.