Take a break for sports: Learning about IU bball

The 2012-2013 IU men’s basketball team huddle before a game. Yes, they are wearing striped pants. And yes, they are the coolest pants in college bball. It’s a tradition. Photo courtesy of Mike Dickbend.

I can’t believe that I am 10 weeks into the semester already!  Time flies by very quickly when I am jumping from one place to another at IU: work, class, homework and social activities.  As a third-semester grad student, I am always surprised by how I am still struggling with my work-life balance.  I can be a machine and keep working for hours.  Yet, sometimes, I need to learn when to take a break.  Fortunately, fall is a great time for breaks (and distractions).  Fall is a time for Continue reading

IU Basketball

I realized that no one has really talked about the phenomenon that is our Indiana University Men’s Basketball team! This year has been really exciting for the Hoosiers! Coming off a few not-so-exciting seasons, this year has definitely been full of excitement!  As a graduate student, you have the opportunity to buy season tickets to the basketball games or you can buy general admission tickets.  I didn’t realize until this year that you didn’t have to buy season tickets to go to the games.  I’m glad I figured it out this year so I could go to my first game! I had a blast at the game.  I couldn’t get enough of singing our fight song and cheering for the team until my voice was hoarse.  If you have never been to a college sports game, I highly recommend it! They are always super fun and there is a great sense of school spirit and camaraderie that is unexplainable.  Check out the inside of assembly hall:

An Inside View of Assembly Hall

Super Bowl 2012

Last weekend, my friends and I headed up to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. No, we didn’t actually go to the game, but how often are we going to be so close to the Super Bowl in our lives?  We packed into my car at 8:30am, with Bloomington Bagel Company bagels to keep us company and prepared for an exciting day. The Super Bowl in Indy had a lot to offer! Free concerts, a cheap zipline (I’m afraid of heights, so no thanks) and lots and lots of people! We hung out at Scotty’s restaurant in Indianapolis. There was great service and lots of friendly people.  The streets were full of visitors and native Hoosiers.  I really felt a sense of camaraderie among everyone in the city.  Most of the people at Scotty’s were routing for the Giants, which was fine by me since New York is my second home.  If you are ever living in or near the Super Bowl city, I highly suggest going! It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience! Check out the picture of the JW Marriott, built specifically for the Super Bowl: