Spring Break: Conferencing and more–Part 2

My family drove up from Bloomington, Indiana to visit me at my conference center in Cincinnati, Ohio and to spend some quality time together.

Today we visited the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have visited several museums in the past, but this one really impacted me. The scope of coverage; the quality of the exhibits; and the use of technology, are some of the features of this museum that made the overall experience great!

Although we spent almost three hours in this museum, we are certain that we will return!

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Spring break and the planning fallacy

Pre-spring break:
This is going to be an amazing break. I am going to get so much done! I have the dual monitor set-up in the study, a great chair, and lots of time. How could I possibly NOT get work done? It’s just going to happen. As a matter of course. I have three manuscripts that need to be completed and I will feel utterly depressed if I let all break go by without finishing them. Bottom-line: I have the trifecta of motivation, means, and opportunity. Nothing is going to stop meeeee!

Post-spring break:
Damn! Damn! Damn! It’s Saturday. Classes start on Monday. I have completed ONE of the three manuscripts, and the shortest one at that. Where did break go? How did the time vanish? One day I am chilling because it’s only Saturyday and I have a week ahead of me. Next thing I know, the week has blown by and the end of spring break is shaking me hard and screaming in my face. At least I correctly predicted that I would be miserable. 🙁

The evil villain “planning fallacy” has struck once again. Like most people, I assumed that I would get a lot more done in the time I had than I actually did. If Kahneman & Tversky were around, they would be shaking their heads and saying, “classic!” I focused only on all the reasons why I would get work done, and forgot about all the temptations that spring break presents. For starters, beautiful weather after a long and miserable winter. Oh, and let’s not forget lots of unscheduled time that ends up staying unscheduled rather than used fruitfully. Sigh. At least I can use this story as an example while teaching the fallacy?

**For more reading on the planning fallacy and what you can to do to avoid falling into its evil clutches: Kahneman & Tversky (1979) and Kruger & Evans (JESP, 2004).

Spring Break: Conferencing and more–Part 1

I initially planned to have a restful, “vegetative” spring break, where I would eat, sleep, and write my dissertation–NOT!

I am currently blogging from the National Council on Black Studies (NCBS) conference, which is being held at the Westin Cincinnati Hotel, downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. After I realized that the conference coincided with my “break” I decided to make the best of it. I took a cool three-hour drive up from Bloomington, Indiana, listening to “oldies” and enjoying the sight and sounds of the Midwest.

Today I chaired a panel and tomorrow I will present my own research for members of the academic community here. Additionally, my family will join me tomorrow and we will visit the Underground Railroad and other historical and cultural exhibits in and around Cincinnati.

Hey, life’s about balance, and when you have a gazillion responsibilities that jostle each other for your attention, you just gotta find a way to balance them. Balance away Jiji! Smile.

Spring Break Plans

I am so excited to have Spring Break! This semester has definitely been a challenge for me to balance my time between my assistantship, classes, school work, and volunteering myself to extracurricular responsibilities. My Spring Break plans are somewhat work-related. In the field of higher education, the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) is one of the largest professional organizations. I have the privilege of being a presenter of research I conducted last year and got published. Two of my colleagues and I will be presenting on the topic: Best Practices for Advising Student Leaders. I will be at the conference in Philadelphia for the first four days of my Spring Break. After the conference, I plan on returning to Bloomington to sleep. Not a lot of travelling this year due to the conference, but I look forward to sleeping. I would like to see some spring-like weather outside in hopes of going bike riding.