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Groups Scholars Program

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Proctors Needed

Please consider helping the Groups Program with its annual Campus Visitation being held on April 12, 2014 by volunteering to be a Peer Proctor for the testing portion of the events. If you attended your year's campus visit, then you surely know what the student proctors do. But to be specific proctors may:

  1. Assist in every aspect of testing for the new Group. They take responsibility for the proper seating of students as they arrive at the testing rooms.
  2. Distribute testing materials to the prospective Groups students, and make certain that they have filled out forms correctly in order to be ready for each exam.
  3. Monitor the room during the test period to make certain that students are attentive to the expectations of the testing procedures. They help students who have individual problems (need a new pencil, unsure of something on the answer sheet, need to go to the toilet, and other individual situations that arise).
  4. Keep the official timing for the test period or alphabetize answer sheets and cover information sheets.

Proctors will be needed from approximately 9:15AM - Noon. If this job sounds like a good one for you, please apply to Gordon Hershey by sending your full name and Group Year to

Ambassadors Needed

The Ambassadors Program is a program in which Groups students get the opportunity to give back to the Groups Scholars Program by serving and assisting the incoming Groups students during the campus day visit on Saturday, April 12th.  The Ambassadors program is open to all Groups students in good academic standing.  Students who apply to be ambassadors should possess quality leadership and decision making skills, as well as have a general knowledge of the facilities, programs, and services of the University.  In addition, they should be sensitive to the needs of their assigned prospective students.

Please review the job specification sheet for more information.

If you are interested in being an Ambassador please fill out the online application.

If you are a RETURNING Ambassador, you must still complete an application, but indicate on the application that you are a returner.

Applications are due by Friday, March 28, 2014

If you have any questions about the application process you can contact Eric Williams,

Groups Peer Tutors

The Groups Scholars Program is seeking individuals to Volunteer as a Peer Tutors to assist other Groups Scholars Students in our Program.

What are the benefits to Volunteering?

  • Giving back to the Groups Scholars Program that has given so much to you
  • Excellent experience for ALL students pursuing degrees.
  • Tutoring reinforces the tutor’s knowledge of the subject area
  • Provides personal enrichment and the opportunity to help others
  • Enhances experience for your resume

Requirements to volunteer as a Peer Tutor:

  • Have at least a B+ in the course you are tutoring
  • Be dependable and possess excellent communication skills
  • Enjoy working with and helping others
  • Be ready for a challenging and rewarding experience

Areas of Study needed:

  A100 Basic Accounting Skills French
  Anatomy History
  Biology K201 Tech Foundations Series
  Business Psychology
  Chemistry Requested courses
  Economics Spanish
  English Statistics
  Foreign Languages(Varity) Writing

Volunteer hours:

  • Scheduled to accommodate your classes and other commitments

How to apply:

Please send an e-mail to Wakisha Malone at wamalone @ Wakisha will contact you to set up an interview to go over the required qualifications


School Application Deadlines
Fall 2014 Admission

Application deadlines for Fall 2014 admission are listed below. Please
see your advisor NOW if you have questions about completing your application.

School Application Due
Business April 2
COLL-LAMP March 31
HPER Athletic Training March 1
HPER Sports Marketing December 15
HPER Physical Education Teacher Education Program March 1
Journalism April 26
Nursing March 15
Public & Environmental Affairs May 1
Social Work April 1


Applications to the Labor Studies Program, the Optometric Technology/Opticianry program, and the School of Continuing Studies are accepted at any time.


Application is not required for the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Informatics, and the other majors in the School of Public Health (but your intended major must be recorded correctly if you want to get into these schools).


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