Groups Scholars Program STEM Initiative

Summer Research Experience Program

Participation Criteria

The Groups Scholars STEM Summer Research Expeience Program (SREP) is open to incoming Groups Scholars. Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for participation in the Summer Research Experience Program:

  • Be accepted in the Groups Scholars Program and Indiana University as an incoming freshman
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative high school GPA
  • B or higher grades in high school science and math courses
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Declaration of or intend to major in science, technology, or math discipline

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Program Description

The Summer Research Experience Program consists of five components to provide students with practical research experience, knowledge, and skills in the STEM disciplines:

  • Research Experience: STEM scholars participate in a 5-week research project to gain knowledge and skills in scientific research. STEM scholars are matched with a faculty or graduate student mentor. Mentors provide direction and instruction in a structured research project that the STEM scholars complete by the end of the summer program.
  • Research Poster Presentation: STEM scholars develop and present a research poster based on the research project they complete with their mentor.
  • STEM Seminar: STEM scholars participate in a seminar which provides a forum for student engagement, collaboration, and network building for STEM professional development. The seminar provides students with important resources, self-reflection, and course reflection to build self-empowerment and confidence for students transitioning into a college environment.
  • Foundations of Research Workshops: STEM scholars participate in a series of workshops to learn about the research process and apply key skills to the development of a research poster presention and paper.
  • Study Groups: STEM scholars participate in formal study groups to ensure academic success in STEM related courses. Study groups are important for establishing the "buddy system"; for connecting students to a study partner or group to complete course requirements in the Summer Research Experience program.

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