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HUB Phase I

Press Structure

Title: Press Structure

Artist: Rob Off

Press Structure
On the Verge of Reason (detail)

Reception: Opening Reception
September 5, 2008 (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)
Location: SoFA Gallery

HUB: A Collaboration of Art and Space is a unique, two-part exhibition project that will feature sculptural installations by Derek Parker, Jonathan Dankenbring, LaRinda Meinburg, and Rob Off. HUB is an investigation into the metamorphosis of the gallery experience. The exhibition centers around a docking module, which serves as a physical hub, connecting mobile containers/moving trucks filled with art, thus transforming them into temporary gallery spaces. All act together as a temporary exhibition experience that can be erected anywhere, moving from site to site. HUB Phase I is held in the traditional gallery setting at the SoFA Gallery, allowing the visitor to view the artwork in a traditional context. HUB Phase II invites the visitor to McCalla School, on 10th and Indiana, to experience the transformation of the artwork within the HUB truck containers. Once the exhibition concludes it will be mobile and travel to other site-specific venues.