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Special Presentation: Stelarc

Presentation: Stelarc
October 24, 2007 (7:30 PM - 12:00 AM)
Location: FA 015

Internationally known Australian performance and multi-media artist Stelarc will give a special presentation. The artist will travel to five IU campuses around the State through the support of Indiana University Exhibitions (IUEX).

Stelarc, one of the world's most innovative artists, has been performing and creating multidisciplinary projects internationally since the late 1960's. Through a number of well-known performances/projects such as "Third Hand", 1980, "Extra Ear: Ear on Arm" 2006, and his early suspension events, his goal has been to look at the body as a tool that can be enhanced by the incorporation and integration of technology. Stelarc utilizes technology to question physical parameters, and has explored alternate, intimate and involuntary interfaces that promote the enhancement and alteration of the physical body.

Stelarc on the web: [](

The presentation will be followed by a public reception in the SoFA Gallery.