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William Itter: A Retrospective Paintings and Drawings 1969-2009

Axis: Roots and Branches

Title: Axis: Roots and Branches

Artist: William Itter

Layered Land II

The School of Fine Arts (SoFA) Gallery at Indiana University is proud to present William Itter: A Retrospective Paintings and Drawings 1969-2009, an exhibition of works by William Itter, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University. This exhibition will open Friday, October 16 and continue through Friday, November 20, 2009. Itter will give a lecture “Cubes Curves Facts Fantasy: A Paradigm” as an introduction to his retrospective, Friday, October 16 at 5:30pm in Radio/TV 251. The Opening Reception will be Friday, October 16 6:30-8:30 pm in the SoFA Gallery and the IU Art Museum’s Solley Atrium. All events are free and open to the public.

William Itter: A Retrospective is an exhibition that features paintings and drawings from Itter’s illustrious career as painter and educator. Itter’s work represents imaginary places based on his observation and memory of themes from nature. He often uses landscape and interior still-life themes as a metaphor for memory. Itter notes “I enthusiastically anticipate this retrospective of forty years creative activity to present a dynamic exhibition for all in the School of Fine Arts, Indiana University, and Indiana communities.”

Painter, William Itter, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts, joined the faculty at Indiana University in 1969. He taught and directed introductory studio courses in drawing, color-design, and painting until he retired in 2006. He developed an outstanding program for Fine Arts graduate Associate Instructors who taught Fundamental Studio courses. For this he received The President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1999. As a professional artist, Itter has exhibited his work primarily in Chicago and Cincinnati galleries and various other shows in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania where he is included in public and private collections.

This exhibition is open in conjunction with Form and Surface: African Ceramics, Baskets and Textiles from the William Itter Collection at the Indiana University Art Museum. The catalog for the SoFA Gallery exhibition "William Itter: A Retrospective -Paintings and Drawings 1969-2009" is now available at the Friends of Art Bookshop, $14.00 + tax. Contact FoA Bookshop at 812-855-1333, or email