October 6: The War that Made America

  1. Unit 2 Guiding Questions

  2. Diversity to Unity, recap

  3. The War that Made America: What's in a Name

    • Great War for Empire
    • War of Conquest
    • French and Indian War
    • Seven Years War (1754-1763?)
    • War for North America (textbook)
  4. George Washington at Jumonville's Glen, 1754

    • Tanaghrisson (the Half-King): Catawba by birth, Seneca by adoption, conditionally granted authority by Iroquois league over Mingo and other Ohio Indians

    • “Brethren, are you ignorant of the difference between our Father [the French] and the English? Go see the forts our Father has created, and you will see that the land beneath their walls is still hunting ground, …whilst the English, on the contrary, no sooner get possession of a country than the game is forced to leave; the trees fall down before them, the earth becomes bare.”

    • French make better neighbors because: “we can drive away the French when we please.”

  5. Phases of the Great War For Empire

    • I & II. Britain in Defeat, 1754-1758
      • I. Colonial Conflict, 1754-1756
      • II. Conflict Expands to Europe, 1756-1758
    • III. British Victories in North America and at Sea, 1758-1760
    • IV.British Victories in Europe and around the globe, 1760-1763
  6. Britain in Defeat, 1754-1758