All function/process annotation for family 1895:

ATP binding
ATPase activity, coupled
branching morphogenesis
cardioblast differentiation
cell migration
cell proliferation
central nervous system development
ectoderm development
endoderm development
endodermal cell fate determination
fibroblast growth factor receptor activity
fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway
filopodium formation
genital disc development
germ cell migration
glial cell migration
gonad development
gonadal mesoderm development
heart development
larval visceral muscle development
lymph gland development (sensu Arthropoda)
mesoderm development
mesoderm migration
mesodermal cell fate commitment
mesodermal cell fate determination
mesodermal cell migration
muscle development
nucleotide binding
pericardial cell differentiation
peroxisome organization and biogenesis
pole cell migration
primary tracheal branching (sensu Insecta)
protein amino acid phosphorylation
protein targeting to peroxisome
protein-tyrosine kinase activity
regulation of cell shape
salivary gland development
salivary gland morphogenesis
secondary tracheal branching (sensu Insecta)
somatic muscle development
terminal branching of trachea, cytoplasmic projection extension (sensu Insecta)
tracheal epithelial cell migration (sensu Insecta)
tracheal outgrowth (sensu Insecta)
tracheal system development (sensu Insecta)
ventral cord development
visceral muscle development