Harmonia Playlist 02-27
"Bloomington Early Music Festival Highlights 2002, Part One"

King Arthur
Henry Purcell: King Arthur
Overture (4:57)
"We have sacrificed" (6:30)
"I call, I call, I call" (1:50)

Owain Phyfe and Sasha Raykov
"Once Upon a Timeless Journey"
Sephardic song: A la una yo naci (4:35)
Lament by Richard the Lionheart (5:05)
Latin Song "Winter is coming" (3:24)

Classical Quintets for Piano and Winds
Edmund Battersby, fortepiano; John Abberger, oboe;Craig Hill, clarinet;
Rick Seraphinoff, natural horn; Dominic Teresi, bassoon
Mozart; Quintet in E-flat Major, K, 452 (22:56)

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