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If the Boston Tea Party had a soundtrack, what would it be?
Harmonia—American Early Music Series answers this question and many more by taking you on a musical journey to the early beginnings of American musicmaking. The series explores the music of the Americas, from the churches and taverns of the American colonies, to the rich mix of musical cultures of 17th-century Latin America, to the shape-note singing of New England and Southern Appalachia.

Admit it. You thought all Early Music performers were from England! Meet the American performers. Harmonia—American Early Music Series introduces you to American groups such as the King’s Noyse, Hesperus, Ex Umbris, Ensemble Alcatraz, and many other colorful ensembles. You will experience the riches of American Early Music Festivals and enjoy the sounds of world-class Baroque orchestras. For years, Harmonia has been bringing high-quality recordings, performances, and insightful interviews with notable artists to a national audience of more than 150 markets. The American Series draws on the latest new recordings and interviews, combined with the very best archival segments.

Early American music is an integral part of our vibrant music history, and in it one can see America’s rich classical and popular musical raditions. American performers of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music are featured as we celebrate our musical heritage!

Made possible in part by the E. Nakamichi Foundation and
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Additional production support comes from PYNCO, Incorporated, of Bedford, Indiana.

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