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Harmonia American Series Audio Programs

The Harmonia American Series was funded with generous support from the
E. Nakamichi Foundation.

The following programs are in RealAudio format. You can download the free RealPlayer at this link: Free RealPlayer. Click on the "Download the Free RealOne Player" link the bottom right-hand corner of that page.

To view a program's description, simply place your mouse over the program title. To listen to the program, click on the link.

American Baroque Orchestras I (02-44)
American Baroque Orchestras II (02-45)
The American Countertenor (02-46)
American Early Music Festivals I (02-47)
American Early Music Festivals II (02-48)
American Early Music Pioneers (02-49)
New Frontiers in Early Music (02-50)

Created by Michael Toler
Copyright 2003, The Trustees of
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