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Committed to improving college student learning and experiences in China, Cen is passionate about returning to my home country in 2010 to conduct her dissertation project, Growth as product and as process: student learning outcomes (un)achieved through college experiences in China, that will extend to her entire professional career as an educational scholar.  Yuhao Cen is a fourth-year doctoral student in Comparative and International Education at Indiana University-Bloomington, with double minors in statistics and inquiry methodology. Her research interests focus on college student experiences and educational gains, especially those in Chinese universities and colleges, institutional policies and practices on undergraduate learning, and Chinese higher education evaluation and accreditation.  

As the research assistant to the NSSE-China project, Cen has been actively involved in all the stages of the project development and intensively worked with her colleagues in the field together with college students and institutional researchers. Cen currently works as a research associate at the Center for Postsecondary Education in Indiana University. She recently receives the Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding Students Studying Abroad and the OYCF- Gregory C. and Paula K. Chow Fellowship to teach a graduate seminar in Tsinghua University.












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