Ferenc Kiefer, born in Apatin, 1931, studied linguistics and mathematics in Hungary, and after several Hungarian and Swedish appointments worked in the Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, for a long time as its director. His main research areas are Hungarian syntax and its relation to modality, discourse pragmatics and its relation to form al semantics, comparative morphology, especially in connection to derivation and compounding. He is full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the chair of its Section of Linguistics and Literary Science. He is an honorary member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and holds honorary PhDs from the Universities of Paris and Stockholm.

Some recent publications: (2003) A magyar nyelv enciklopédiája. Budapest, Akadémiai, Kiefer, F. and Honti, L. (2003): Verbal 'Prefixation' in the Uralic Languages Acta Linguistica Hungarica, 50, 137-153, Kiefer, F. and É. Kiss, K. (eds.): The syntactic structure of Hungarian. San Diego: Academic Press.