Since 1948
Hoosier Courts Nursery School
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There are three classrooms that all exceed minimum licensing requirements for space at Hoosier Courts. Every classroom also has access to their own playground. Each class is lead by two lead teachers and an hourly assistant and serves up to twenty children. In addition to activities set up by teachers, all other areas of the classroom are open for free time for a majority of the day. A time for children to gather to hear stories and share songs is offered twice daily.

In the classrooms you can find:

Dramatic play area equipped with toys such as a play kitchen, dress up clothes, and baby dolls.

Building area that supplies a variety of blocks and other building materials including train sets, cars and trucks.

Reading area featuring a carpeted area with a couch and/or cushions and books.

Writing table with "mailboxes" nearby so that the children can write and then send each other letters.

Science area featuring materials such as shells, insect specimens, magnifying glasses, plants, and even live animals.

Art area with supplies such as paper, glue, scissors, markers, paints, easels, etc.

Music area with instruments including a piano.

Play Grounds
Each day the children spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside. Only in extreme weather do we keep the children inside. Children also have the choice to play indoors or outdoors throughout the day due to low ratio and extra staff. The playgrounds are spacious with beautiful trees to provide ample shade while other parts offer sunshine. The views from the playgrounds are of beautiful open landscapes on the IU campus. The nearby fields and creek offer the opportunity for nature walks as an extention of outdoor activities. A variety of outside play equipment is available to the children including slides, climbing gyms, tricycles, sandboxes, gardens, art projects, and water play!
Snacks are served during class once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Snacks are also available for before and after school childcare. The kitchen is used by staff and parent teachers to prepare snacks. Examples of some popular snacks are: pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit. Lunches are prepared by Indiana University Residential Hall Services and served by hourly staff.

Questions, need help, want to volunteer to help with a fund raising project...a good place to go is the office. It is located in the middle of the school on your right.