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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hoosier Courts only enroll families that are affiliated with Indiana University?
Because Hoosier Courts is part of the university, first priority is given to the children of Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. However, when our waiting list of I.U. affiliated families is exhausted, we open up enrollment to the outside community. Each year we have at least a couple of families who have no connection to the university.

Do all parents have to participate in the classroom?
No. Participation in the classroom is an invitation, not a mandate. Parents who choose to come and help in the classroom get a slight reduction in their tuition. Parents who do not have the time, or do not feel comfortable participating can opt out and pay the full price for tuition. If you choose to participate and your child comes full time, you will choose five mornings and five afternoons in a sixteen week semester to assist your child's teachers in the classroom. See Parent Schedule .

What if my child doesn't know any English?
Many of the children enrolled at Hoosier Courts come from countries other than the U.S. and do not know any English when they start. Our teachers have vast experience working with children who know no English. They will be patient and understanding. When they speak to your child, they will use gestures, facial expressions, context, and other non-verbal cues along with their words to help her to understand. Fortunately, young children learn a second language much more quickly and easily than do adults. Before long, your child will be speaking English fluently.

Where does my tuition money go?
Almost 80% of our budgeted expenses each year are allocated to cover salaries, hourly wages, and benefits for our staff. Yet the starting salary for our highly professional teachers is only $26,900 a year. We know that one of the most reliable indicators of quality in early childhood programs is a low teacher to child ratio. Minimum state licensing standards in Indiana require only two adults in a classroom with twenty preschool children. Most programs in Bloomington adhere to this ratio. At Hoosier Courts, however, we are committed to doing better than minimum standards require. Each day there are three or four adults in each of the three classrooms of twenty children. There are two co-teachers, each of whom has at least a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or a related field. In addition, there is an assistant teacher, usually an Indiana University student, who works under the direct supervision of the teachers and the director and who receives on-going training in topics that relate to early childhood education and development. On some days, there is a parent in the classroom as well. Having so many adults in the classroom allows us to more consistently give children individual attention. For example, there is almost always an adult available to sit down and read stories to individuals or small groups. We also have the luxury of stationing some adults indoors and others outdoors so that children can move freely between the classroom and playground.

Does the school close for snow days?
The short answer is as long as Indiana University Bloomington is open, we are open. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our Policy for Center Closing Due to Adverse Weather.