Since 1948
Hoosier Courts Nursery School
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I truly love Hoosier Courts. I can't imagine sending my daughter to any other child care center in Bloomington. Their philosophy that children learn best through play - the messier the better - is exactly in line with my philosophy as a parent...The learning is constant, as is the love and support that the teachers give each child.
Ceci Jones Schrock
Day after day, Hoosier Courts teachers design a variety of flexible, creative environments and inventive projects which the children can ... immerse themselves in freely.. .and so experience learning as fun and exciting discovery.
Jay Showalter
Our son has truly blossomed at Hoosier Courts, and we feel sure it is because of the environment there. His imagination and inquisitiveness have grown exponentially, and he's much more confident of his own ideas and abilities. His teachers offer activities that encourage the kids' creativity and play-based learning, while allowing them independence. And I know I have become a better parent from observing their approaches to conflict resolution.
Emily Bowles
We really loved our two years at Hoosier Courts. The amount of thought that goes into your program, the teachers you have, and all the people who help out hourly are really amazing. We hope Hoosier Courts will stay as diverse, creative, and friendly as it is for a long time to come.
Silja and Matthias Weber
Hoosier Courts was an ideal first classroom experience for our children. They both fondly remember their days at this wonderful school. They made friends with other children from around the world and they learned from a tremendously committed, caring, and talented teaching staff that created a learning environment rich in opportunity and understanding. We have recommended Hoosier Courts to the parents of young children repeatedly throughout the years and continue to do so because we believe that it offers the finest early childhood education available in the Bloomington area.
Chip Frederick
After I listened to Carol Spencer, director of Hoosier Courts Nursery School, describe the school's discipline philosophy, I said a happy "Yes!" The school is in line with the best evidence and advice about how to guide children's behavior. Carol and the teachers also understand how children learn in the best way. After my three-year-old girl began at Hoosier Courts, she began to play at home in a much more creative manner, a pattern that continues. Now five, she has begun to read in this environment. Hoosier Courts was the perfect choice for my daughter.
Anne Owens