Families gather for the Freshman Induction Picnic during Welcome Week.
  1. Letter from CAPS
  2. Open Letter from CAPS Director, Dr. Stockton

    This is a challenging time for our campus with the recent loss of several students.  It is a time for our community to come together and continue to remember them and their contributions, comfort their friends and look out for others who may be experiencing depression and hopelessness.

    Helping ourselves and others cope is one of the powerful ways we can pay tribute to their young lives.  We also know that many students were deeply affected by the death of Robin Williams.  We can be…

  3. Health Center Pharmacy expands to serve IU employees and their dependents.

    The Health Center is no longer just for students!  IU employees and their dependents are now able to conveniently transfer their prescription and get those prescriptions filled here at the Health Center.  All you need to transfer your prescription is the location of your current pharmacy, it’s phone number, your insurance ID number, your prescription number(s) or name(s), and our staff of three full-time pharmacists will take care of the rest.  The Health Center Pharmacy con……

  4. Transgender Students are now able to share their preferred name and gender with the Health Center

    The Health Center is pleased to have been able to partner with GLBT Student Services to develop a means for transgender students to share both their preferred name and preferred gender status.  A secure web-form has been developed that will allow students to discreetly provide this information to then be added to their electronic medical record at the Health Center.  This information will enable staff and providers to refer to transgender patients by their preferred name and make use o………

  5. Congratulations to our Clinical Lab!



    Perfect Survey!  Congratulations to the Health Center’s Clinical Laboratory for being surveyed by COLA and receiving NO citations.  

    The Indiana University Health Center’s Clinical Laboratory was surveyed July 2015 and received no citations!  What this means is that it has met all criteria for Laboratory Accreditation by COLA, a national healthcare accreditation organization. Accreditation is given only to laboratories that apply rigid standards of quality in…

  6. Woman sneezing into tissue
  7. Why we don't always prescribe antibiotics

    You've been sick for days–sniffling, coughing, and filling your wastebasket with crumpled tissues. You finally decide to visit the IU Health Center for help. But when you get here, all you get is sympathy.

    Why don't we prescribe antibiotics when you're sick? It's because they're completely ineffective against viral infections like colds and flu.

    How We Decide to Prescribe Antibiotics

    When you come to the Health Center, we evaluate your symptoms and ask a lot of questions about how long you ha…

  8. Families gather for the Freshman Induction Picnic during Welcome Week.
  9. Welcome, first-year students!

    As you prepare for your move to campus, don't forget to pack these items. Together, they form the ultimate Freshman First-Aid Kit. And they'll help you cope with minor illnesses or injuries throughout your time at Indiana University.

    A thermometer. If you only buy one thing listed here, make it a thermometer. The first thing we always ask students who call the Health Center is if they have a fever. It's one of the best indicators whether you need to see a doctor or not.

    Alcohol wipes. They're a qu…

  10. Mumps information

    Mumps cases have been occurring in the IU Bloomington student population since January 2016.  Other universities in Indiana and surrounding states have also experienced an increase in mumps cases.  It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of mumps-headache, fever, fatigue are sometimes present 1-2 days before jaw pain and swelling. Mumps is spread by contact with an infected person’s nose or throat droplets, including saliva so it’s important to practice good hyg…