Families gather for the Freshman Induction Picnic during Welcome Week.

Welcome, first-year students!

As you prepare for your move to campus, don't forget to pack these items. Together, they form the ultimate Freshman First-Aid Kit. And they'll help you cope with minor illnesses or injuries throughout your time at Indiana University.

A thermometer. If you only buy one thing listed here, make it a thermometer. The first thing we always ask students who call the Health Center is if they have a fever. It's one of the best indicators whether you need to see a doctor or not.

Alcohol wipes. They're a quick and easy way to clean a wound and reduce the risk of infection.

Antacid tablets. After your first all-night study session fueled by coffee and cold pizza, you'll thank us.

Antibiotic ointment. It's great for keeping minor cuts and burns from getting infected. It will also help you heal faster.

Bandages. Get a wide selection of shapes and sizes.

Cold medicine. The only cure for a cold or flu is time, but treating symptoms like congestion and cough can make being sick a lot easier to endure.

Diarrhea medication. This is one medication you don't want to wait to buy until you need it.

Ice pack and hot pack. Recent injuries like ankle sprains and muscle pulls should be treated with ice to reduce swelling. Chronic injuries, especially those that come from overuse, should be treated with heat. It helps relax and loosen sore muscles.

Painkillers. Ibuprofen and naproxen are good for fevers, muscle aches, and swelling. Acetominophen is easier on your stomach, but don't use it to reduce swelling.

Tweezers. For splinters, there's no faster way to get pain relief.

Learn more about treating common illnesses and injuries in our Health Information section.