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Medical & Ancillary Services

  • IU Health Center
    3rd floor
  • For questions or to speak with a physical therapist
    (812) 855-7688

Physical Therapy

Relieve pain and regain function after an injury or accident. Our licensed physical therapist will develop an individualized therapy program for you that may include:

  • Cold and/or hot packs
  • Massage and manual therapy (including Graston Massage)
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation & TENS
  • Iontophoresis
  • MG biofeedback

Your treatment may include supervised therapy at our clinic and additional exercises at home or in the SRSC or HPER. We can also conduct ergonomic assessments of your work, study, and music performance spaces that will help you avoid repetitive stress injuries.

You need a prescription to begin therapy. The state of Indiana requires a written prescription for physical therapy from your physician. We accept prescriptions from all U.S. physicians.

Total cost will depend upon your treatment plan. There is a charge for each physical therapy visit. Students who have paid the IU Health Fee will be treated at a reduced cost. You will receive an itemized statement that you can submit to your health insurer for reimbursement.