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Meet the Medical Staff

Nurse Practitioners

At IU Health Center, you may be treated by a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are also known as advanced practice nurses. They are registered nurses who have earned graduate-level degrees and received additional education and experience. In Indiana, they are licensed through the State Board of Nursing and nationally certified.

Nurse practitioners are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat both chronic and acute illnesses. They conduct physical exams, order laboratory tests, prescribe medications, and perform or assist in minor surgeries

  • Nancy Macklin, NP

    Nancy Macklin

    Texas Christian University, 1971, Indiana University, 1995

  • Karlyn Doty, NP

    Karlyn Doty

    Ivy Tech State College, 1997, Indiana University Southeast, 2000, IUPUI, 2002

  • Cathy Fulton, NP

    Cathy Fulton

    DePauw University, 1986, IUPUI, 1990, IUPUI, 1997

  • Bruce Garber, NP

    Bruce Garber

    Indiana University, 1976, Barry University, 1990, IUPUI, 2005

  • Cathy Garber, NP

    Cathy Garber

    Indiana University, 1991, IUPUI, 1990, IUPUI, 1997

  • Christine Johnson, NP

    Christine Johnson

    Indiana State University, 1975, Indiana University, 1992

  • Carla McGee, NP

    Carla McGee

    Ball State University, 1981, Purdue University, 1988, Indiana University, 2002

  • Mary Lou Nierzwicki, NP

    Mary Lou Nierzwicki

    Valparaiso University, 1979, Indiana University, 1989

  • Sally Sare, NP

    Sally Sare

    Indiana University, 1993, Indiana University, 2004

  • Sue Stolz, NP

    Sue Stolz

    University of Iowa, 1982, Indiana University, 1988

  • Melinda Swenson, NP

    Melinda Swenson

    University of Michigan, 1970, University of Wisconsin, 1975, Indiana University, 1980, Indiana University, 1991