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The Hudson & Holland Scholars Program has many resources available for their students. We encourage students to make use of these resources and reach out to their advisor if they have any assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The list of questions can also be downloaded in PDF Format.

Hudson & Holland (L.E.A.D.) Program Requirements
Wellness and Retention Program (W&R)
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HHSP Scholarship
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There are many free tutoring options available at Indiana University. Please download the tutoring manual to find the appropriate Tutor. We also have other tutoring options available if none of these meet your needs.

Campus Tutoring Resource List (2018)

List of HHSP Tutors (2018)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS is a peer tutoring program, in which students who have exceled at a course offer weekly study sessions for currently enrolled students. There is no cost to attending a PASS session, but you must be enrolled in one of the courses below.

PASS is offered in Spring 2017 for:
  • ECON E201 Microecomonics
  • ECON E202 Macroecomonics
  • BIOL L112 Biological Mechanisms
  • BIOL L211 Molecular Biology
  • CHEM C117 Principles of Chemistry
  • MATH D116 Introduction to Finite I
  • MATH D117 Introduction to Finite II

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    Student Involvement

    Hudson & Holland Scholars sponsors multiple organizations. If you or a friend are interested in creating your organization, we are interested in helping you succeed. If you are interested in volunteering, there will be opportunities as well.

    Organization Contact Description
    HHSP Ambassadors Jennifer Poe
    To help educate and inform current high school students about HHSP and the opportunities available here at Indiana University.
    HHSP Link Mimi Attenoukon
    This program offers HHSP juniors and seniors the opportunity to mentor HHSP freshmen and sophomores.

    Student Funding through OVPDEMA

    OVPDEMA supports high impact projects that foster an inclusive environment, one that nurtures diversity, broadly defined, on all campuses of Indiana University. The funding can be used towards events or projects which promote and foster inclusion and diversity at IU.

    As an HHSP Student, your are eligible to request funding through OVPDEMA. HHSP will act as your sponsor through OVPDEMA. More information can be found on the Request for Funds page on the OVPDEMA Website.