The Hudson & Holland Scholars Council (HHSC) has been reorganized and is now the Hudson & Holland Scholars Advisory Council (HHSAC). A Call Out meeting was held in the IMU on September 16, 2009, yielding substantial interest throughout the Hudson & Holland community.

In moving forward, we will be electing two class representatives (co-chairs) for each of the four classes/cohorts of HHSP, through an online process. Those that are interested in running for these positions should submit a biographical summary in response to the four questions below, as well as a headshot to hhsac@indiana.eduby October 16.

Representatives are responsible for overseeing one of the L.E.A.D committees:

Senior class representatives - Leadership Committee, focusing on Community Service and Service Learning;
Junior class representatives - Excellence Committee, focusing on Social Justice and Social Programming;
Sophomore class representative - Academics Committee, focusing on Academic and Professional Development; and
Freshman class representative - Diversity Committee, focusing on Cultural Awareness and Advocacy.

This is a great opportunity for involvement, as well as fulfill the HHSP service requirements for the year. For those not elected as a class representative, there will be opportunities to serve on committees; send your interest to

Scholars interested in running should respond to the following questions:

  1. What can you contribute to HHSAC?
  2. What is your interest and/or experience with the committee you would oversee?
  3. Please discuss your past leadership experiences.
  4. What would it be important for your peers to know about you as they prepare to elect their class representative?