Practice Graduate/Professional School Admission Exams

As part of our effort to encourage scholars to pursue graduate/professional studies, HHSP requires scholars to complete a practice graduate/professional admission exam sophomore year and conduct graduate/professional program informational interviews junior year. All sophomores and juniors have until April 15th of each respective academic year to fulfill this requirement.

Through HHSP’s partnership with the Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions Center, scholars are given the opportunity to take the following practice tests at no cost:

NOTE: Kaplan does not offer practice tests for the GMAT or Praxis II. Scholars wanting to prepare for these tests and fulfill the practice test requirement are advised to go online to take these free practice tests. The computer-based GMAT practice test is available at or the Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) website. The Praxis II can be found on the ETS website for the Praxis Series. Be sure to notify Mimi Attenoukon by email at and provide documentation of your practice test to receive credit for fulfilling the requirement. Alternatively, Scholars can take the GRE practice test through Kaplan in place of the practice GMAT or PRAXIS II to fulfill the HHSP requirement.

Fall & Spring 2011 Test Information

Dates will be announced in the near future.

Kaplan is no longer offering Walk-in-Wednesdays as an option for taking graduate and professional school practice tests. Thus, student must test during one of the Saturdays that Kaplan is offering practice test sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take a free practice test?
You can take a practice test anytime (fall or spring semester) during the academic year. Free practice tests in a large-group setting are offered both in the fall and spring semesters. Large-group tests take place on the Indiana University, Bloomington campus, usually in the Kelley School of Business undergraduate building.

The dates for large-group practice tests are announced in the HHSP Program Requirements Worksheet. Practice tests as well as graduate/professional school seminars are announced at least a month in advance in the HHSP newsletter. Also, please frequently check the HHSP blog, where updated information will be posted under the "Graduate School Information" category. Email reminders will be sent out close to the date of the practice tests and seminars.

Am I required to take a practice test both in the fall and spring semesters?
NO. It is not necessary to take a practice test twice in the same academic year. The reason for offering practice tests in the fall and spring semesters is to give sophomores and juniors the full academic year to fulfill the program requirement.

When is the absolute latest that I can take a practice test and NOT be subject to a scholarship deduction?
You must complete a test and notify HHSP staff no later than April 15th each academic year. This ensures that the HHSP staff receive sufficient notification of all scholars who have taken a practice test.

Do I need to register to take a practice test?

YES! The registration process is a simple and quick process. You can register one of two ways:
        OPTION 1: Call 1-800-Kap-Test.
        OPTION 2: Register online at

Do I need to take a practice test offered by Kaplan if I am already required to do so in another program?

NO, only if you are taking a practice test through any of the following approved programs:
        • McNair Scholars Program – GRE Preparation Course
        • Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD) Scholars Program – GRE Prep. Course
        • Health Professions & Pre-Law Center (HPPLC) – MCAT & LSAT Test Prep Workshops

Do I need to notify the HHSP staff when I have taken a practice test?
It depends! NO, if you take a test during the academic year through the Kaplan center located here in Bloomington, then you do NOT need to notify HHSP staff because Kaplan sends us the names and test scores of our scholars. YES, if you are a student who completed a practice test through either the McNair or IMSD programs or through one of the HPPLC workshops, then you MUST do the following to receive credit:
        • notify HHSP staff member, Mimi Attenoukon by email at
        • provide a copy of your practice test results
        • provide a letter from the program confirming that you have taken the practice test
It is absolutely imperative that McNair, IMSD, and HPPLC workshop students notify Mimi Attenoukon once they have taken their practice tests. Otherwise, you risk deductions from your scholarship.

Do I need to take a practice test if I do not plan or need to attend graduate/professional school for my career?

YES! Taking a practice test, even if you do not go to graduate school, will still be beneficial to you. It will allow you to become familiar with the format of graduate/professional admissions tests, should you change your mind later and decide to apply to graduate/professional school. Admissions test scores are good for 5 years! So, for those who are undecided about graduate/professional school, you may want to consider taking an actual admissions test while you are still an undergraduate. If you decide, a few years after graduation, to attend graduate/professional school, the application process will be less stressful because you had already experienced the admissions testing.

Do I need to attend the Kaplan seminars and workshops?

NO, but you are highly encouraged to take advantage of these free events. The dates of seminars/workshops offered by Kaplan and other organizations (e.g., IU-MAPS, HPPLC) will be sent out through periodic emails and notices in the HHSP newsletter.

Whom should I talk to if I have any questions?

Direct all your inquiries to the appropriate HHSP staff member by email at