Excuse Policy

All scholars participate in the mandatory LEAD initiative each semester. Students are expected to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting/event. Acceptable excuses for failing to complete a LEAD requirement in a semester are limited to conflicts with academic requirements (e.g., classes, labs or exams), NCAA or club sports athletic events only, unless in an overseas study program or internship away from Bloomington.

Only the aforementioned legitimate conflicts will be accepted. Scholars who miss a mandatory meeting/event and have not been excused will have their award reduced for the next academic semester.

If a scholar is unable to attend a mandatory event, they may request excuse from that LEAD requirement and avoid financial penalties. To request excuse from an event, students should complete the Conference and Meeting Excuse Request Form. Requests must be made no later than two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting/event or no later than one (1) week following the missed event in unforeseen emergency.

Mandatory Requirements       
        • Freshmen-Family Orientation
        • Freshman Seminar (EDUC-U 212)
        • Class Meeting
        • Counseling Sessions
        • Conferences & Workshops
        • Practice Graduate/Professional School Admission Exam
        • Community Service Project(s)
        • Internship
        • Exit Survey (graduating seniors only, spring semester)
        • Exit Questionnaire (graduating seniors only, spring semester)
        • Senior Send-off (graduating seniors; all scholars are welcome)
        • and any other meeting/workshop deemed mandatory

A lack of fulfillment, in all or part, of mandatory requirements will result in an award reduction for each missed requirement with a total maximum semester deduction not to exceed $1000. Note: The account of graduating seniors can be placed into repayment, if all requirements are not fulfilled.   

Freshman Family Orientation $500
Class Meeting $200
Counseling Session(s) $200 each
LEAD Conference $500
Community Service Project(s) $500
Senior Exit Questionnaire $500
Senior Exit Survey $500
Senior Send-Off $200
Practice Exam $500
Internship $500
Mentor Program Meetings $200 each
Other Mandatory Workshops or Meetings $200 each



Submit the Conference and Meeting Excuse Request Form