Academic Resources

HHSP Tutoring Services provides free tutoring for all HHSP, Groups and 21st Century Scholars in a variety of challenging introductory courses. Check back soon for the Fall 2009 Tutoring Schedule.

Academic Support Centers offer writing tutorial services, mathematics help services, academic problem-solving services, and academic advising.  Special evening tutoring services available 7pm-11pm, Sunday through Thursday.  No appointments necessary.

Adaptive Technology and Accessibility Center (ATAC) serves individuals with disabilities and specializes in assistive technologies that help with reading, writing, studying, and information access. ATAC provides services for students, faculty, and staff with the following disabilities: vision (blindness and low vision), mobility impairment, learning (dyslexia, ADHD, and others), and hearing loss.

Disabled Student Services
ensures the accessibility of University programs and services to eligible students. They work closely with the University community to develop and coordinate the implementation of appropriate accommodations to disability. Accommodations, also called support services, are individually determined based on disability specific need and may include modified testing environments, sign language interpreters, and assistance obtaining books in audio format.

GPA Calculatorcan be used to calculate your GPA for the current semester and see how these grades will affect your overall GPA.

Grade Distribution Database shows grade data for each course and instructor at Indiana University.

Health Professions and Prelaw Center (HPPLC) provides preprofessional advising and services for students interested in pursuing careers in law, medicine, and other health fields. Students considering careers in these professions must excel academically and plan carefully. The Health Professions and Prelaw Center (HPPLC) assists them throughout their undergraduate years to become well-informed and well prepared. Acceptance to these professional schools requires not only academic talent but also a complete understanding of the application and selection process.
We direct our advising toward preparation for careers in the professions, not just toward what will look good on a med school or law school application.

Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment, Language Labsaims at providing leadership and technological expertise to support excellence in language learning, teaching, and research at Indiana University. CeLTIE provides leading-edge technology for foreign/second language education and fosters collaboration among individuals who utilize world languages in their studies, teaching, or research.

Library Reference & Research Services provide a wide range of services in support of the research interests of students, faculty and staff. They offer opportunities for Quick help through Ask a Librarian, guides to citing references as well as subject listings of online databases, including reference resources. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of IUB librarians. They are happy to help.

Mathematics Learning Center provides a group tutoring experience: Students are asked to work together with other students in the same course. Tutors assist the groups and individual students with their questions by giving hints and guiding students towards the correct solution. By combining this with a tutoring experience the MLC strives to encourage students to develop this skill as well as provide quality math instruction.

Student Academic Center (SAC) provides a variety of services that can enhance your academic progress. You can choose from a wide range of courses for credit, workshops, individualized academic assessment and assistance, outreach services, and support services for faculty & instructors. Assistance is available in many areas such as note taking, test taking, time management, test anxiety, textbook study, etc.

University Division is the first “academic home” for the majority of new undergraduate students arriving on the Indiana University Bloomington campus each semester.  Students remain in UD until they complete requirements for admission and certify into a degree-granting major or school. 
UD offers services that are designed to support students in a variety of ways as they make the transitions from high school to college and from UD into a major or school. UD advisors have in-depth knowledge of the essential degree requirements for all of the undergraduate majors and minors in all schools on the campus, allowing them to work flexibly and creatively with students of wide-ranging interests. UD advisors are comfortable in talking with students about their concerns and are confident in referring them to the many campus resources that can help.

University Information Technology Servicesdevelops and maintains a modern information technology environment throughout the university in support of IU's vision for excellence in research, teaching, outreach, and lifelong learning. UITS provides tools and services to support the academic and administrative work of the university, including a high-speed campus network with wireless access, central web hosting, a rich selection of free and low-cost software for personal use, tools and support for instruction and research, and free IT training and education.

Writing Tutorial Services provides individual tutoring to students working on writing projects for any of their courses.Students will find tutors familiar with the demands of English W131 and L141–142, as well as with the other courses which meet the writing requirement. But WTS is also intended for anyone working on a paper for any class offered on the Bloomington campus—not just composition courses, and not just students who are having difficulty with their writing. The people at WTS know that revision is a fundamental part of writing a clear, well-organized essay. They are there to provide feedback to any student who wants to improve his or her thinking on paper.  To arrange a free tutorial, you should call ahead (855-6738) or stop by WTS—preferably several days in advance—and make an appointment.