Student Organizations

Hudson & Holland Scholars Advisory Council (HHSAC) is an organized body of Hudson & Holland scholars which serve as the student body liaison to the HHSP administration, program Ambassadors, and student programming body, developing and/or facilitating programs which bring together all Hudson & Holland students through social, educational, and service activities.

Indiana University’s Union Board is the largest student programming body on the IUB campus. It organizes a diverse range of events and activities around which students may come together, explore multiple world views, historic and current events, and learn from one another.
Indiana University Student Association

The Indiana University Student Association (IUSA)
is the government of the Indiana University student body. Students join together to voice common concerns, hopes, grievances, and most importantly, to take action to realize an even stronger university.

Indiana University Latinos Unidos, established on the Indiana University campus in 1979, strives to promote the identity and unity of the Latino students through intellectual, cultural and social growth and to increase their visibility and involvement in campus and community activities.

Asian American Association of Indiana University is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 for the purposes of: instilling and maintaining a spirit of community among Asian Pacific Americans; promoting a broad-reaching awareness of Asian Pacific American political issues and active presence on this campus; and fostering cultural understanding on the campus community as a whole.

The Black Student Union is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of creating an avenue for networking amongst black students at Indiana University. Programs are executed throughout the year, including community service, social, and educational components.

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