Apply as an Undergraduate Research Assistant

The Hirtlab is always looking for bright, motivated IU students who are interested in obtaining laboratory experience in social psychology. Working in the Hirtlab as a research assistant requires strong interpersonal skills, good organization, high internal motivation, and a passion for psychological research. If you think you meet these requirements, then we encourage you to apply for a position as a research assistant within the Hirtlab. As a research assistant, your responsibilities include attending weekly lab meetings, running subjects within the lab, coding data, and assisting graduate students with numerous other tasks in the lab. Potential applicants should complete the form below and submit it either electronically to Dr. Hirt, or manually to Dr. Hirt's IU mailbox in the Psychology building.

Click here to download the RA application.

Apply as a Graduate Student

Dr. Hirt is continually looking for potential graduate students to work in his lab. After reading about some of the work being conducted in the lab, if you have a strong interest in doing graduate work in the Hirtlab, we encourage you to apply to the Indiana University Social Psychology PhD program. Graduate student applicants are expected to have strong academic qualifications, interest in conducting social psychological research, and a demonstrated ability to work efficiently in both individual and group settings. To apply as a social psychology graduate student at IU, follow the link below to access the general application website. Applications are accepted annually in the Fall semester.

Click here for the graduate student appliction.