Patrick M. Egan

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Office: A220

Phone: (812) 855-5596

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Patrick M. Egan
Graduate Student of Social Psychology


Patrick is a fifth-year graduate student in Ed's lab. He graduated from Southwestern University as a psychology major in 2009. There, he conducted research on perceptions of students with learning disabilities and judgments of student-teacher sexual relationships.

Now at IU, he has conducted numerous research projects on topics such as self-handicapping, goal orientation, perspective-taking, mental depletion, and construal level. His primary interests involve the contextualized nature of self-regulatory functioning, as well as the cognitive and behavioral effects resulting from an individual's lay theories.

Aside from working in the lab, Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling, playing/watching sports, learning German, finding good Mexican food, cooking, talking to non-human animals as if they were human, and relaxing with family and friends.