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Dr. Kristin S. Hendrix
Research Manager, Human Computer Interaction & UX at Facebook Research


Kristin S. Hendrix, PhD is a former graduate student from the Hirt Lab. She completed both her BA (2003) and her PhD (2008) under the mentorship of Dr. Hirt. Her undergraduate senior honors thesis studied self-handicapping as it relates to self-regulatory focus. Her dissertation examined the influence of multiple information sources on prosocial attitudes and behavioral intentions. Specifically, she examined how variations in the likability of multiple information sources impact attitudes and behavioral intentions in the context of helping others in need. Currently, Dr. Hendrix is faculty in the section of Children's Health Services Research, which is in the Department of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Her research interests focus on the relationship between social and behavioral factors and child health. She researchers how parents and child health care providers formulate attitudes and make decisions about child health and health care. Her most recent work includes examining parents'/guardians' attitudes about allowing children's biomaterial collected for clinical use (e.g., blood specimens collected for diagnostic purposes) to also be used for research purposes. She also studies social and behavioral factors relating to pediatric obesity. Her current studies include evaluating parents' nutrition-related attitudes and beliefs and how these impact pediatric obesity risk in vulnerable populations, as well identifying social/behavioral information that physicians feel they are lacking in their efforts to prevent/treat pediatric obesity. Finally, Dr. Hendrix participates on the Indiana Medicaid Medical Advisory Cabinet (MMAC), which is a team of MDs and PhDs who provide research-based and expertise-driven advice to public health policy makers.