History 104
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Introduction: Why start with Napoleon?

History and the French Revolution

Background Reading
John Merriman, A History of Modern Europe, from the French Revolution to the Present (2004)--if you have not studied the French Revolution, you will find it helpful to read pages 467-515 as general background. You might also want to look at the website for History B356, French Revolution and Napoleon.

For this week's lectures and class, see Merriman, pages 517-533 and 537-548 on the revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

In addition to the Merriman book, you may want to consult one of the following survey texts:
Timothy Blanning, ed.,The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern Europe (1996).

Robert Gildea, Barricades and Borders: Europe, 1800-1914 (1987; 2003).

Eric Hobsbawm, Age of Revolutions (1963)-this is an old book, but still remarkable for its comprehensive account. Hobsbawm's other Age of... books are equally good, and all are available as inexpensive paperbacks.

Jonathan Sperber, Revolutionary Europe, 1780-1850 (2000).

If you are not a History major and feel completely overwhelmed by the reading in this course, you may find a "Western Civilization" textbook provides you with a more manageable, if usually more superficial, overview of the period. Some good ones (these are expensive if bought new) include:
Lynn Hunt, Thomas Martin, et.al., The Making of the West.
Mark Kishlansky, Patrick Geary, and Patricia O'Brien, Civilization in the West.
Frank Kidner, Maria Bucur, et.al., Making Europe.

Discussion: 14-15 Jan. 2009, Europe and History
(short selections from the following texts will be distributed in class)

Edward Said, Orientalism (1978).

Frederick Gentz [counsellor to King of Prussia], On the State of Europe before and after the French Revolution (1802), more available.

Hauterive, State of the French Republic at the end of the Year VIII  (1801), more on-line.

Further Reading
Nina M. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, French Images from the Greek War of Independence 1821-1830: Art and Politics under the Restoration (1989).

Juan Cole, Napoleon's Eqypt: Invading the Middle East (2007); see the blog.

K. E. Fleming, The Muslim Bonaparte: Diplomacy and Orientalism in Ali Pasha's Greece (1999).

Lynn Hunt, Politics, Culture, and Class in the French Revolution (1984).

Stuart Woolf, "The Construction of a European World-View in the Revolutionary-Napoleonic Years," Past and Present 137 (1992), 72-101.

Fr Rev and Napoleon website
Exploring the French Revolution
(very useful website)

Goya, Disasters of War
Goya, Disasters of War (images of guerilla warfare in Napoleonic Spain)

EU and Turkey
European Union and Turkey