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    Orientalists and other Others

Required Reading
Edward Said, Orientalism (1978); at least pages 1-73.

Frantz Fanon, "Algeria Unveiled," in A Dying Colonialism (1965) or in The Fanon Reader.
Algerian War references

Further Suggestions
Daniel Boyarin, "The Christian Invention of Judaism: The Theodosian Empire and the Rabbinic Refusal of Religion," Representations 85 (Winter 2004), pp. 21-57.

Dipesh Chakrabarty, Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference (2000; 2007).

Frederick Cooper and Ann Laura Stoler, eds., Tensions of Empire: Colonial Cultures in a Bourgeois World (1997), especially the introduction.

Arif Dirlik, "Chinese History and the Question of Orientalism," History and Theory 35:4 (1995), 96-118.

Johannes Fabian, Time and the Other: How Anthropology Creates its Objects (1983).

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., ed., "Race," Writing, and Difference (1986); some of these essays first appeared in Critical Inquiry (1985) and are available on-line.

Mustapha Marrouchi, "Counternarratives, Recoveries, Refusals," boundary 2 25:2 (summer 1998), 205-257, part of a very good issue on Said (other authors include W.J.T. Mitchell, Gayatri Spivak, and Lindsay Waters).

"Orientalism Twenty Years On," review essays by Andrew Rotter, K.E. Fleming, and Kathleen Biddick, in American Historical Review 105 (2000), 1204-1249.

Gyan Prakash, "Orientalism Now," History and Theory 34 (1995), 119-212.

Mary Louise Pratt, Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation (1992).
J Rose, Question of Zion
Edward Said, Culture and Imperialism (1993).Said bio & articles

Jane Schneider, ed., Italy's "Southern Question": Orientalism in One Country (1998).

Nicholas Thomas, Colonialism's Culture: Anthropology, Travel, Government (1994).


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