19th-cy Europe seminar

This seminar will allow the participants to produce an article-length research paper on some topic in nineteenth-century European history.  For our purposes, the “nineteenth century” will be understood as the period 1789-1914 and “Europe” will refer to the British Isles, the European continent (including much of the Ottoman empire), and all of the Russian empire.  Research on European overseas colonies or territories in this period is permitted and encouraged.  All papers must be based on primary-source materials and should demonstrate a solid grasp of the relevant historiography.

attendance and constructive participation in discussions

meet individually with Dr. Spang at least every two weeks to discuss your own research

22 April first draft of research paper due

1 May [this is a Friday] Research presentations

8 May final papers due by 4:00 p.m. (earlier is welcome)

Class Schedule
14 Jan. Becoming a historian

21 Jan. What I did in graduate school...

28 Jan. [cancelled because of snow]

4 Feb. Death, taxes, noise, madness

11 Feb. What to do with individuals?

18 Feb. Writing

11 March "progress report" presentations

1 May [Friday] research presentations
Google Books
On-line journals
Nineteenth-century collections, digitized ("Victorian Studies" here applies to much more than the UK)
Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker

Also of interest
Research seminars, at the Institute for Historical Research (London)
Seminars ("Workshops") at University of Chicago

IU History Dept "Modern Europe" seminar series meets on the following Fridays at 12:30: 23 Jan. (Michael Anklin); 27 Feb. (Roberta Pergher); 27 March (Julia Roos); 24 April (Leonard V. Smith).