Indiana University Bloomington

From the Local to the Global

A Conference in Cultural History

Keynote Addresses
Friday, March 2
Jonathan Hyman, photographer
Exhibited at WTC Memorial Foundation (9/11 and the American Landscape) and National Constitution Center (9/11: A Nation Remembers)

Saturday, March 3
Jeffrey Kaplan, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Professor of Religious Studies

The overarching aim of this year’s conference is to explore the multitude of contexts in which history can be examined, from the local to the global. The intention of the conference is to highlight how “global” and non-concrete ideas can manifest locally, and the reverse: how “local” ideas held by a few people can have global ramifications. A related theme is how scale plays a role in history—how is history different and/or similar when written about/captured by/interpreted by individuals, local communities, or world powers? Put differently, how does changing the scale of studying history affect its scholarship? As the scope of cultural history is wide-ranging and inclusive, and takes place on a variety of scales, the Association invites abstracts and panel proposals from graduate students that consider a diverse themes, time periods, and geographic regions.