Indiana University Bloomington

Public Spheres of History

Writing the Past and Representing the Profession



IU History Graduate Students Dissertation Workshop


Distinguished Alumni Room, IMU

Chair: Kirsten Sword, Assistant Professor of History


Elizabeth Nelson, Dissertation excerpts


Jennifer Stinson, “Gender, Race, Region, and Memory in the Nineteenth-Century Upper Midwest:
A New History of the Heartland”


HGSA Paul Lucas Conference Reception


The Irish Lion, 212 West 5th Street, Bloomington


American Studies Department Lecture


Ballantine Hall 005


Michael Adas, Professor of History, Rutgers University,

Prescient Dissent:
Mark Twain’s Critique of America’s Civilizing Mission in Asia




Session One



Youth and Universities

Walnut Room, IMU

Chair: Carl Ipsen, Professor of History


Heather Vrana
“Envisioning a New Nation:
Boletín del Comité de Estudiantes Universitarios Anticomunistas Guatemaltecos en Exilio”


Michael Carriere: University of Chicago,
“Looking Back from the Year 2000:
The Historical Construction of the Postwar University”

Matthew Ides: University of Michigan,
“Something’s Happening Here:
Youth Culture, Activism and Spaces in 1960s Los Angeles”


Comment: Don Maxwell Visuals


Violence, and Publics

Charter Room, IMU

Chair: Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Assistant Professor of History


Michael Anklin
“Encountering a Brutal “new Other”:
Vietminh Violence in the Colonial Public Sphere and the legitimacy of the Continued French Presence in Indochina after World War II, 1945–1947


Jennifer Boles
“‘I Speak to Cover the Mouth of Silence’:
Art, History, and the Memory of Trauma in Guatemala”


Sarah Dillard
Conflicting Images:
The Portrayal of Mexico’s History within Diego Rivera’s Public Murals”


Comment: Michael Grove


Immigration History in the Americas

Oak Room, IMU

Chair: Jason McGraw, Assistant Professor of History


Mayumi Hoshino
“Banzai, Little Nippon!”:
Complex Identity of Japanese in Chicago, 1910s–1920s”


Maria Duarte
“Letters to the Consul:
The Mexican immigrant Experience in the United States, 1880-1910”


Shira Segal
“Immigration and Memory:

The Familial Publicized and the Private”


Beth Robinson: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,

“How Free Was Their Leisure?:
Working Women’s Spare Time”


Comment: Jennifer Stinson


Keynote Speaker

Michael Adas, Rutgers University,

The Relevance of History to the Contemporary National Predicament.


Session Two



Photography and Identity

Maple Room, IMU


Chair: Michael S. Dodson, Assistant Professor of History


Jennifer Hart
"Images, Empires, and Independence:
Reflections on the Use of Postcolonial Photography in African History"


Kate Schroeder
"Images of Respectability:
Representations of Race and Space in Colonial Namibian Photography”


Kevin Coleman
“Photographic Cultures of Cold War Honduras”


Comment: Michael S. Dodson, Assistant Professor of History


African American History in Public
Walnut Room, IMU


Chair: Claude Clegg, Chair of the History Department,


Tanisha Ford

“Soul Jackets:
Black Women Entertainers, Album Cover Art, and Creation of the Soul Aesthetic, 1954–1975”


Amy Foley: SUNY Oswego, English Department,
“Individual Erasure and Symbol Creation:
Implications of Dialogue between Derrida and Wittgenstein”


Comment: Eric Petenbrink


Americans and Postwar Europe

Charter Room, IMU


Chair: Edward T. Linenthal, Professor of History,
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of American History


Laura Herron, Ohio State University,
“The Holocaust as Jewish History:
Challenges of Representation in American Museums”


Gregory Kupsky, Ohio State University,

“George Sylvester Viereck and the Battle for German-American History, 1914–1945”


Anne Sealey, Ohio State University,

"Freud Biographies and the Post-War Construction of Psychoanalysis”


Comment: John Philipp Baesler


Practicing Economy and Constructing the Nation in the Atlantic World

Oak Room, IMU


Chair: Sarah Knott, Assistant Professor of History


Jeanette Samyn
“Narrative Boundaries along Alternative Lines:
Localized “Worlds” in William Godwin’s Caleb Williams and Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda”


Larry Skillin
“The Return of George Keith:
Securing the Dialogue-Driven Model of Colonial American Printing”


Stephanie Koscak
“Morbid Fantasies of the Sexual Marketplace:
‘Lascivious Appetites,’ Luxury and Lues Venerea in England, 1750–1800”


Maureen Hattrup
“‘Merit Has Always a Share in That Bank’:
The Affective Economy of Belinda and The Coquette”


Comment: Donna J. Drucker


Session Three



World War II Cemeteries in Europe and Public Memory

Maple Room, IMU


Chair: John Bodnar, Chancellor’s Professor of History


Kate Lemay
“Art History, National Memory and Collective Consciousness in the American World War II Cemeteries”


Jim Seaver,
“The Politics of Memory and Design in American and German World War II Military Cemeteries of the Western Front”


Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Policy Making and Public Memory

Walnut Room, IMU


Chair: Michael McGerr, Paul V. McNutt Professor of History


Keith Eberly
“Mediating the Present in the Past:
Public Memory and the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial”


Brooks Batcheller
“Roosevelt’s Banking Reforms and the New Deal in Chicago, 1933–1935”


Comment: Chris Stone


Sex and the Judiciary in the Twentieth-Century U.S.

Charter Room, IMU


Chair: Ellen Dwyer
Professor of History, Criminal Justice,
Director Collins Living-Learning Center


Jessica Wall

“National identity, Bill Baird and Birth Control Politics in the United States, 1965–1972”


Erin Biebuyck

“A Discursive Analysis of Contraceptive Law in the United States, 1917–2007”


Comment: Jamie Warren


Public History in Institutions and Urban Landscapes

Oak Room, IMU


Chair: Eric Sandweiss, Carmony Chair and Associate Professor of History


Stephanie Sewell

“Public History as Landscape:

George E. Kessler’s Plan for Indianapolis”


Katharina Heuring: George Mason University,

“Genealogy and Its Publics:

The History of Genealogical Research at the Pennsylvania State Archives and the State Library of Pennsylvania, 1891–Today”


Comment: Shannon Bennett


Session Four



Post-War U.S. Publics

Maple Room, IMU


Chair: Dustin Abnet


Susan Eckelmann
“‘We’re going to have some weather’:
The Politics of the Cold War and Caldecott-Awarded Children’s Fiction, 1954–1964”


Justin Rawlins
“(Bedtime) Stories Marlon Taught Me:
Recovering Brando in the 1960s”


Comment: Dustin Abnet


Publics of World War I

Walnut Room, IMU


Chair: Julia Roos, Assistant Professor of History


Jeremy Young

“We Went There and Spent Our Money:
War Memory versus Consumerism in the Good Will Campaign of 1922–1923”


Chris Molnar

“War, Bread, and the Public Sphere:

The Collapse of the German Home-Front during WWI”


Comment: Michael Anklin


Marriage in the Twentieth-Century U.S.

Charter Room, IMU


Chair: Wendy Gamber, Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of History


Karen Dunak

“Everything Old is New Again:
The Wedding in 1970s America”


Kari Blowers, Columbia University

“Imagined Companionship and the Rush to the Alter:

Examining 1940s War Marriages”


Comment: Stephanie Koscak