Indiana University Bloomington

Ruptures and Revolutions

Moments of Unrest and Change

This year’s conference, Ruptures and Revolutions: Moments of Unrest and Change, seeks the impact and meaning of transformations and unrest in an increasingly global community. The conference aims to highlight intersections of both historical and interdisciplinary value and to engage with multifaceted themes that are particularly relevant to numerous contemporary fields of historical inquiry, both inside and outside the academy. Our hope is to engage with historical topics that not only cross disciplinary boundaries, but that reach within and beyond to embrace Civil Society and active public protest, contemporary and historical.

The conference’s primary goal is to encourage a more interdisciplinary discussion that reaches into the local community and engages with a variety of sources and perspectives. We understand Ruptures and Revolutions as social, cultural, intellectual, and historical transformations. From the Copernican model to MTV, from Classical Greece to Gay Liberation, from the printing press to blogging, from the Boston Tea Party to Occupied Wall Street movements, our lives continuously intersect with the Ruptures and Revolutions of the past, present, and future. Our hope is to engage and continue with these dialogs cross disciplinary boundaries, and to reach beyond the social and academic borders that influence our understandings how Ruptures and Revolutions transform social, intellectual, and cultural change.

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