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HGSA Umail Help


If you intend to use your Umail (Gmail in the guise of an IU e-mail account) or other Gmail account (non-school issued), you need to change your settings on your account so that your e-mail to the listserv (or other automated university e-mail systems) does not get filtered out by either the system or the Graduate Secretary. If you send an e-mail from your account to a university listserv: The system will see that it is not atcually an IU account (i.e. and delete the e-mail and you will never know if it went through. The other alternative is that the Graduate Secretary will see the e-mail and have to OK it before it goes to the listserv. As you might imagine, she deals with a large number of e-mails, and yours might get lost in the fray or she may not recognize it. Either way your e-mail may never be released to the listserv.


Here is how to remedy that.

If you use
1. Login to your account.
2. In the upper right corner is a link that says “settings,” click this.
3. In the settings menu, click on accounts.
4. You will see the first option is “Send Mail As”, click on “Add Another E-Mail Address You Own”
5. A small window should open asking for your name and an e-mail address. Enter your IU e-mail address (i.e.
6. Click on “next step.” The system will need to verify that you actually own this address. Click on “Send verification.”
7. Ignore the next window that pops up and check your umail.indiana.eduinbox. You should see an e-mail from “Indiana University;” open it.
8. In the e-mail is a link to confirm the request. Click on the link – “Success”. This will create a send from option from now on for your umail account.
9. NOTE: When you compose an e-mail from now on, be sure to look at the “from” line in the composition window. If it is not the right address, simply drop down the menu arrow just to the right of the line and choose the correct e-mail address.


The same steps can be followed if you forward all your to your regular Gmail account. The only change is that you will have to check the Umail account to verify the address to be used for your Gmail account.


This is only for students who use Umail. Please note that a similar workaround for Imail (Microsoft client) IU accounts does not currently exist.

If you have questions, please contact the Tech Coordinator.