WEEK FOURTEEN: Ideology and Fetishism
Required Reading

Freud, “The Uncanny” (1919), slightly abbreviated on-line version; and “On Fetishism” e-reserves.

Slavoj Zižek, For They know not what they do: Enjoyment as a Political Factor (1991), 241-260; e-reserves.

Lisa Wedeen, “Acting ‘As If’: Symbolic Politics and Social Control in Syria,” Comparative Studies in Society and History 40 (1998), 503-523; on-line via JSTOR.

Jodi Dean, “Zižek on Law,” Law and Critique 15 (2004), 1-24, available electronically.

Further Bibliography
Louis Althusser, "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses" (1970), on-line.

Louis Althusser, Writings on Psychoanalysis: Lacan and Freud (trans. 1996

Joan Copjec, "The Sartorial Superego," October 50 (autumn 1989), 56-95, available via JSTOR.

Juliet Flower MacCannell, "Politics in the Age of Sex: Clinton, Leadership, Love," Cultural Critique 46 (2000), 241-271.

Slavoj Zižek, The Sublime Object of Ideology (1990).

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