HistorySOTL Board Members Invited onto Expert Panel for Australian Standards

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26 April 2010

The Australian Government has moved to establish national standards for the tertiary education sector in that country. Through the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC), discipline expert panels are being convened to prepare sets of standards.

For the Humanities and Social Sciences this is a vast undertaking. The ALTC in consultation with the Australasian Council of Dean of Arts and Social Sciences (DASSH) decided to trial the system using History and Geography as the first two disciplines.

The expert panels are made up of representatives from the discipline’s peak body, experts from the local discipline community, an international expert, and representatives from students and employers.

A/Professor Sean Brawley (UNSW), who is the Australasian Regional Director for HistorySOTL, was nominated as an expert by the Australian Historical Association. Dr Alan Booth (Nottingham) who is Vice-President of the Society was nominated as the international expert for the panel. Dr Booth comes to the job with extensive experience in formalizing the British Quality Assurance Agency’s discipline benchmark statements for History.

The panel commences its meeting schedule in May. A draft will be completed by September and the final version will be made available in December 2010.

With debates about standards continuing to capture public debate (especially in the United States) the Australian standards will be of wide interests to historians and academic administrators around the world.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with A/Professor Brawley or Dr. Booth contact the Director responsible for Public Affairs (A/Professor Sean Brawley) on 61 2 9385 2342 or email.